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The Fear of Public Speaking - Campuser

Many times you can see people in public and admire them, but if you were in their shoes, you could realize that their deepest craving at that point is if they were you, with nothing to worry about besides paying attention to what is said.

It reminds me of my lecturer Mr. Lubega who calls it,"the Obama feeling."
Seeing him easily address hundreds to thousands of students at campus seems like he has got super powers but that is not the case.
What you think comes naturally to other people could be the hardest things for you.

Let me talk about a topic that sends shivers up spines of many university students.
Public speaking, what a horror it is deemed to be.

Mr. Lubega calls it, the Obama feeling.
When you stand before the crowds, you turn your eyes to see whom you are going to address and behold all those many pairs of eyes laid on you.
You can feel them searing into your soul and body. The temperature flares up as if you are in a furnace, and the sweat begins oozing from all …